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     Riding in a sidecar is a unique way to experience Brooklyn.                    Kids wave, dogs bark and even police officers smile!


We are now in our 6th season.


My name is Anthony Sepulveda, I’m a native Brooklynite, Musician,

Filmmaker and Licensed Tour Guide,

with 36 years experience riding motorcycles, in NYC.

I am a member of the band Brooklyn Bonez. here's is a link to the website, I hope you enjoy the video & music!


I was born in BROOKLYN in 1961, and grew up during a time, when very few tourists wanted to visit Brooklyn, because it was so dangerous.  I'm happy that things have changed, and It makes me very proud to see that Brooklyn has now become the main destination for people visiting NYC.


I travel quite often, and I'm most comfortable off the beaten path, where there are no chain stores or golden arches for miles.

 The places I've seen and people I've met over the years, inspired me to start New York Sidecar Tours in 2014.


My motto: It’s not about how many photos we take, but the memories we take home. With that in mind, it is my passion to give you a memorable tour, and share with you the energy and diversity of BROOKLYN, the city I know and love.


About myself: The closest I have come to being in the circus, was playing bass with the legendary NYC punk band False Prophets 1987 - 1989. I was very lucky to have toured Europe with them in 1989. Playing in East Berlin & Poland before the wall came down, was an experience I will never forget.

​Peace & Good Health


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